Storage Access API Demo!

Using this demo

  • Ensure third-party cookies are turned off:
    • For Chrome this is done by setting: chrome://flags/#test-third-party-cookie-phaseout and restart your Chrome browser to make that flag take effect.
    • For Firefox and Safari this is already the default.
  • Start at this link and set a cookie value for the foo cookie.
  • Use first framed content below (using Storage Access APIs - accept prompts if needed) to confirm access to cookies, despite 3rd party cookies being turned off (note: Firefox sometimes requires a page refresh first time it's used, and Safari in Private mode can be a little flakey).
  • Use the second iframed content below (also using using Storage Access APIs) to confirm access without an additional prompt being needed, assuming you accepted the prompts already (note: Safari does prompt again unless page is reloaded).
  • Use third framed content below (without Storage Access APIs) to confirm no access to same cookies (note: Safari currently allows access as previously SAA worked at a page level and not a per-frame level).
  • Update cookie value in other tab has much as you like and re-read the new cookies here.
  • You can refresh the page and cookies should reload without re-prompting being required.
  • You can reset the permission in the URL bar in Chrome (click the lock icon) and Firefox (click the settings icon next to the lock), or Safari (Settings->Privacy->Manage Website Data).
  • Try navigating to the first page to see if permissions follow.